Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


Parkfly Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Parkfly Car Rental rents out own motor vehicles and brokers renting of vehicles of its partners according to the following conditions. Parkfly Ltd. leases the vehicles indicated in the rental agreement – hereinafter the rented vehicle to the renter under the following conditions:


I.         Terms and Conditions

I.1. The Renter can be a natural or legal person, the concluding of the rental agreement may however be effectuated only by a natural person capable of assuming responsibility.

I.2. The Contracting Parties mutually undertake to comply with the Terms and Conditions as well as the rental agreement. Non-compliance with the terms shall result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement and the full liability for damages of the breeching party.

I.3. The renter by signing the rental agreement affirms the authenticity of the data contained in it.

I.4. Any declaration related to the signed rental agreement can validly be effectuated ​​in written form only.


II.        The use of the rental vehicle

II.1. The rental vehicle can be driven only by the renter and/or the second driver indicated in the rental agreement.

II.2. The rental vehicle can only be driven by a person meeting the conditions of the road traffic rules, proving his/her identity at the rental, and having a valid driver’s license and being more than 21 years old.

II.3. The renter shall have a permanent residence, which has to be proven by ID card or residence card.

In addition to the above, the renter also has to present a utility bill or flight booking document for his / her name.

II.4. If the renter is a legal person or entity without legal personality, the renter’s representative shall comply with the conditions of II.2 and II.3. Furthermore a written order from the authorized representative is required, as well as the decision of the company court on the registration into the company register, the extract of company register and the specimen of signature, both of them not older than 30 days.

II.5. The rental is considered valid if the renter meets the requirements laid down in point II, the rental agreement has been signed by both the renter and the Rental Company, and the renter has paid the required deposit.

II.6. The borders of Hungary can only be crossed with the rental vehicle upon the Rental Company’s prior permission.

II.7. The renter shall not enter with the rental vehicle for sporting events and / or use it for testing purposes, neither is it allowed for the renter to tow another vehicle.

II.8. The renter is liable for any action or conduct adversely affecting the rental agreement or affecting the conditions, the legal status or other circumstances of the car.


III.      The duration of the rent

III.1. The rental agreement is always for a limited period.

The minimum rental period is one day, i.e. 24 hours.

III.2. If vehicle is returned before the end of the rental period the Rental Company will not refund the rental fee to the renter or any fee whatsoever.

III.3. The duration of the rent can only be extended upon prior consent of the Rental Company. Fees for the extension: 0 – 2 hours will not be charged as overtime, one day will be charged after two hours’ delay, each additional day will be charged.

The request for extension of the rental period shall be made at least 24 hours prior the expiration of the rent by the renter to the Rental Company and shall only enter in force after the authorization of the extension.

III.4. The renter shall return the rental vehicle to the Rental Company at the end of the rental period at its site in clean and good condition. In case of lacking accessories or documents the car Rental Company charges additional fee.

If the renter fails to return the vehicle at the 24th hour of the given rental period, the renter has to pay extra charge. If the return of the car takes place  0-2 hours after the expiry of the rental period (i.e. 2 hours delay) the renter has to pay for ½ day, if after that time, 1 day extra charge. The extra charge means payment in addition to the prolonged rental fee.

III.5. If the renter delays in returning the rental vehicle with one day, that is 24 hours following the expiry of the rental period, the Rental Company considers the car as missing, and will act accordingly. In this case, the Rental Company is entitled for compensation. The renter shall be liable for any costs resulting from the delay (searching, transportation costs etc., and also to pay twice the rental fee for the time following the end of the rental period.


IV.                Conditions of the rent

IV.1. The written order, reservation. Conditions:. The final booking is the result of the written confirmation of the order and payment of the fee. This can be effectuated by bank transfer, cash or credit card payment.

In case of cancellation of the reservation by the renter 14 days prior to the first day of the rental period, the fee can be used within one year for another booking, in case of cancellation within 14 days the booking fee will not be refunded.

The booking fee is 30% of the rental fee, however, in case of reservation within 14 days the amount of the full rental fee.

The Rental Company undertakes to provide the ordered category, however it reserves the right of changing the make or model, if it is unable to provide the same category vehicle, it provides a higher category for the original rental fee.

IV.2. Presentation of identity documents and licences (as defined in point II.).

The renter agrees to the copying of the above documents, the Rental Company handles them with regards to the privacy laws and regulations.

IV.3 The Rental Company requires additional consideration form the renter. In every case the car Rental Company requires additional consideration (deposit) from the renter, the value of which varies according to the model and the value of the car.


V.        The rent and the deposit

V.1 The rent is laid down in the car Rental Company’s price list from time to time or in the specific agreement between the renter and the Rental Company.

The rent agreed in advance has to be paid before the rental period and before renting out the car.

For vehicles rented for daily flat rate but their use exceeds the 300 km per day limit, the calculation of the additional charge is based on the vehicle’s odometer. This means the difference between the figure on the odometer at leaving the site and the figure at the time of return. (30 € / km).

The car rental fee includes:

–           Compulsory liability insurance fee

–           Casco insurance premium fee

–           Inland motorway tolls

–           The costs of the vehicle’s compulsory service

–           Preparation for winter and summer, the appropriate tires for the season

–           If necessary, providing a replacement vehicle, assistance services

–           Daily flat rate allowing 300 km use per day

The car rental fee does not include:

–           Fuel costs

–           Parking fees, parking charges

–           Foreign road use and motorway tolls

–           Ferry and boat fees

–           Fines imposed on the rental vehicle during the time of the rental, these are to be paid by the renter

–           Any other charges not being part of the basic rental service

V.2. At the conclusion of the rental agreement the renter shall pay a deposit depending on the type of the rental vehicle. The deposit serves as security to the Rental Company for eventual damages caused by the renter to the Rental Company or in the rental vehicle. In this case, the amount due will be deducted from the deposit. The Rental Company is not obliged to return the deposit if any questions remain unresolved concerning the liability of the renter. The Rental Company is not obliged to pay interest after the deposit.

The deposit also serves for the deduction of subsequent charges (mileage fee, overtime fee) extra charges (fuel, cleaning), and to cover the liability for damages. Renter (cardholder) acknowledges that in case of disputes in the Rental Company returns the deposit only following the final and enforceable court decision or the decision on the enforceable amount. In case of theft, excessive damages, total destruction of the vehicle, the Rental Company is entitled to keep the full amount of the deposit

If the renter cannot pay the deposit, the Rental Company may refuse to perform the rental agreement, and to provide the rental services or is entitled to take the vehicle back.

V.3. The method of paying the deposit

Via embossed credit card with validity lasting for at least for 6 months from the start of the rental period.

The transfer of the deposit is through pre-authorization transaction on the credit card of the renter or of the person assuming liability for the payment. It is the card holder’s responsibility to verify that the necessary amount for covering the deposit is available on the account.

The renter has to verify that the daily limit on the credit card is not lower than the amount of the deposit.

If the locking of the deposit fails for any result outside the scope of the Rental Company, the renter is entitled to a transaction fee and a booking fee and may terminate the rental agreement.

In every case the credit card holder has to be present and sign the rental agreement and the locking of the deposit.

In case of cash deposit the rental agreement shall refund the deposit no sooner than 30 days following the termination of the rental.


VI.       Insurance, damage

VI.1. If the renter suffered an accident without his / her fault, an accident report duly completed and signed by both parties involved in the accident is necessary from the other involved person. In case of accident caused in another country the attestation of the respective insurance company and the relevant police protocol is required of the accident. The renter can only prove its innocence in possession of the above duly completed documents. In all other cases the renter is considered to be at fault.

If the foreign automobile liability insurance covers the full amount of the damage no additional amount shall be deducted from the renter. Even is such case, however, the release of the deposit will be made ​​only after the payment of the compensation by the insurer.

In case of damage the renter is obliged to hand over any report and document necessary for the administration of the recovery to the Rental Company.

VI.2. In case of the renter’s fault in the accident, the compensation for the damage may be through the Casco insurance according to its conditions. In this case the renter is obliged to pay for the damage a maximum of 10% of the value of the vehicle or up to 100,000 HUF.

VI.3. In case of theft the renter is obliged to pay up to 10% of the value of the rental vehicle.

The renter is required to keep with him / her the ignition key and the registration certificate during the whole term of the rental. In case of theft if the renter is unable to present the key and registration certificate to the Rental Company or in course of official investigation it is revealed that a copy has been made of the ignition key and, consequently, the insurance company will not reimburse for the damage, the renter shall pay the total value of the rental vehicle together with all costs incurred by the Rental Company.

VI.4. The Rental Company is entitled to charge 3000 HUF for any subsequent additional administration, which does not relate to the rental agreement.

VI.5. The Casco insurance does not cover damages of wheels and tires and of the rental vehicle, nor damages occurred in the interior and luggage rack of it, therefore the renter bears full liability for such damages. The renter shall remove any personal valuables (phones, bags, GPS, etc.) from the car, for leaving the car unattended even the shortest period. Otherwise, the renter is fully liable for any damage and the Casco contract will not be applicable.


VII.     The renter’s conduct and responsibility

VII.1. Renter is obliged in the event of an accident or any technical problem concerning the rental vehicle shall immediately notify Parkfly Car Rental when the damage occurs, or when the error has been detected.

VII.2. In case of accident the renter may make any declaration on damages only with the Rental Company’s permission. Any action of rescue, transport and repair may be initiated by the car Rental Company only. The renter is required to provide the Rental Company with the documents necessary to the administration of the event. In case of delay in the above the renter is liable towards the Rental Company for the resulting damages.

VII.3. In case of technical failure of the renter is only entitled to have the car repaired with the permission of the Rental Company. Accounts have to be made of the repair and the replaced defective parts shall be present. Only in this case can the Rental Company reimburse the renter for the cost of the repairs.

The Rental Company has to be notified immediately of any defect of the odometer. If the renter fails to do so the Rental Company is entitled to charge 500 km per day.

VII.4. The renter shall use the rental vehicle as a careful, reasonable owner, and keep all its accessories safe.

VII.5. The renter shall be fully liable for damages if the rental vehicle is driven under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or medications.

VII.6. If any damage or payment obligation has occurred during the car rental in connection with the rental vehicle (parking fees, fines, hidden damages, etc.), and are not disclosed to the Rental Company, the Rental Company is entitled to collect such amounts during 6 months from the bank account of the renter or the person assuming responsibility for the payment. This may mean the total amount of damage or punishment, to the collection of which the renter or person assuming responsibility for the payment agrees upon signing the contract.


VIII.    Phone number to be called in case of emergency or unexpected events:


+36 20 333 11 77


IX.       Disputes

For all other issues not dealt with by this contract, the provisions in force of the Hungarian Civil Code shall apply.

The renter declares to have read and understood the present Terms and Conditions, the rental agreement and the rental price list, and is aware of the liability resulting from the breech of the above.


X.        Terms and Conditions apply until withdrawal.