Process of Ordering and Booking a Car

Car ordering, booking and contracting is executed in writing without exception

 1. Your car booking is started by completing the online quote form or providing the adequate data to the following e-mail address.

[email protected]

2. In the 24 consecutive hours past the request for quote we send an answer and a quote.

3. In case You accept it and provide the required data for concluding the lease agreement, we confirm the booking along with providing the amount of the required advance deposit (30% of the rental)

4. Instant request for information available on the phone number +36 20 333 11 77


Car Renting near to the Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest course of receiving the hire car

1. After having landed and picked up the baggage, please walk to the exit near the ‘Ordered Taxi’ sign right beside the pedestrian crossing and call this number:

+36 20 333 11 77

A colleague of ours would pick You up with a transfer jitney (Park & Fly) within 10 minutes, transport You to the parking office to receive the hire car after the conclusion of the contract.

The rental fee and the security deposit would be locked in advance right there in the office.

2. The hire car would be returned to the parking office (Park & Fly, Üllői út 849, Budapest)

Please return the car at least 2 to 3 hours before the departure of Your flight in order to have sufficient time for the required documents and supervision of the takeover, any delay stemming from the contrary may not hold us liable.


Required for renting a car


1. identity card or passport

2. card or document certifying permanent address

3. driving licence (at least 3 years old)

4. embossed bank card (Master or Visa) with an expiry period of at least 6 months

5. presentation of air ticket or utility bill

6. signed lease agreement


Financial Conditions:

1. Rental fee must be paid in advance without exception, via bank transfer, in cash or by a debit or credit card (Master, Visa, Maestro)

2. Distraining of the security deposit depending on the value of the car. Security deposit is distrained by a bank card in a way that the Car Rental Company would execute a preauthorisation via the lessee’s or his responsible’s bank card, which amount would not be drawn but reserved on the bank card.

This reservation would be cancelled at the termination of the lease agreement.


Included in the Rental Fee Are:

  1. The rental fee of the car designated in the contract. In the booking, the Car Rental Company undertakes only to the category. In the booking, we strive to ensure the selected vehicle, although unforeseen events may come that prevents us making that type of a hire car available to You. In this case, we offer a hire car of the same or a higher category for the same charge.
  2. Tolls all around Hungary.
  3. 300 km of road use charge per day, all further kilometres are charged 30 HUF each
  4. Third-party liability insurance and Casco insurance at 10% with 100,000 HUF accidental damage excess.
  5. Car usage in neighbouring EC countries based on prior consent
  6. Provision of car in exchange if necessary
  7. Passengers arriving by plane are transferred to receipt the vehicle at the depot for free, and at the return of the receipt, they are retransferred to the Terminal (duration 5 to 10 minutes)
  8. Setup of the car for summer and winter


Excluded from the Rental Fee Are:

  1. Any kilometres exceeding the 300 km included in the daily road use charge are charged 30 HUF each
  2. In case of an accident: 10% of the claim or 100,000 HUF accidental damage excess has to be paid
  3. Surcharges or penalties to be paid
  4. Security deposit
  5. Child safety seat or child booster seat as required: 300 HUF per day


Financial Conditions of Car Renting:

  1. Hire cars may exclusively be driven by adults over 21 years indicated in the contract.
  2. Hire cars are provided with car crash and theft insurance, though provided with no personal and baggage insurance. The accidental damage excess of Casco is 10% for the lessee.
  3. The lessee would park the car closed, in a secure place with the key and the registration certificate kept by himself.
  4. He would park the car in public domains only in assigned parking places with the fees paid.
  5. Surcharges and penalties for traffic violations and disregards of traffic laws burden the lessee without exception and he would bear full financial liability.
  6. The hire car is allowed to be carried abroad exclusively to countries indicated in the contract based on prior consent and may be used properly. Any damages arising from these violations burden the lessee.
  7. Any and all irregularities in the car or accidents should be immediately announced without exception to the following phone number: +36 20 333 11 77